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Qandeel Baloch

Pakistani Social Media Activist

Ms Baloch has been dubbed the Kim Kardashian of Pakistan. She had hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, and was reportedly one of the top 10 most searched Pakistani personalities in the year before she died.

She remained among top Digital Influencers of Pakistan. She won praise for her fearlessness, for breaking strict social taboos and expressing herself the way she wanted to - even if that meant sharing risqué photographs, or twerking on camera.

But this fearlessness also won her enemies and put her in danger in a country that struggles with what it regards as immodest or "badly behaved" women.

Her background alone was enough to shock socially conservative Pakistan. Ms Baloch was born Fouzia Azeem, and came from a poor family in a town about 400km (248 miles) south west of Lahore.

After her rise to fame in 2014, it emerged she had been married as a teenager, and had a baby. But her husband, she said later, was a "savage man" who abused her, and she fled with her son.

But unable to support her son financially, she returned him to her husband, who has always denied he treated her badly. According to the Guardian, she never saw the little boy again.

It was after this that she was able to reinvent herself as Qandeel Baloch.

But as her star grew, her supporters warned that her behaviour could threaten her life. Ms Baloch, however, remained unapologetic, although she had asked the government for protection.

"I am facing threats," she told BBC Urdu. "But I believe that death is preordained - when you are meant to die, you will die."




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