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Pervez Musharraf

Pakistan's former Military Ruler


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Prevez Musharraf lands himself in deep trouble

Oblivious of the ground realities, like always, Pakistan's former military ruler had developed a taste for real-politick.

"I am not a Fool Hardy Man", Pervez Musharraf had told BBC prior to his departure from Dubai to launch his election campaign. Indeed he isn't. The most corrupt of Pakistan's rulers had fled the country some four years for fears of backlash.

Back home, the former dictator, who had run Pakistan dry off her Energy resources, human resources and of course moral base, is now facing criminal charges ranging from treason to assassinations besides facing public wrath over his misdeeds as the Chief Executive and the President of Pakistan.

His military rule in 1999 was welcomed by many, even by the so called Pakistan's independent journalists, yet he proved himself to be the most corrupt of the rulers in Pakistan's history. The retired General has to his credit (or discredit?) to introduce in Pakistan, the "politics of reconciliation" a term he coined to write corruption cases off against all the corrupt politicians of the country.

During his rule he handed-over bases to the USA and kept lying on that account until it appeared in the press following Salala post attacks

After Musharraf had left the country reports of stark irregularities in LPG quotas emerged, involving several Generals and also Bushra Aitazaz, wife of Musharraf's most vehement critic. These regularities had inflicted loss worth billions (Rs 220 Billion) of Rupees to Pakistan's national exchequer

But Musharraf's biggest crime to date remains that he overthrew a democratically elected government in the name of country getting rid of the corruption and finally exonerated almost all of the corrupt politicians from the cases.

In Pakistan no dictator has ever been tried for over throwing an elected government.

Unfortunately people of Pakistan has seen USA giving approval to the regimes of power usurpers

Musharraf's return has not been a welcome except for those TV channels having direct financial interests. People are disenchanted for his misrule, media is uneasy for the beneficiaries of the former dictators rule do not want to be exposed. Even the Army is not at ease, if the former military chief is tried under treason act, many at the influential positions in the Army may have to face difficulties.

Perhaps what Musharraf refuses to accept is that his misadventures at Kargil and Lal Masjid were not liked by many, though his rule of tyranny brought bloodshed and terror to the country.



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