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Iran Protests Hijab: Security forces struggle to suppress unrest. The Basij militia and other security forces have taken tough measures hoping to suppress the unrest but the fury has not eased.

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Syria Elections 2021: Assad re-elected for 4th term with 95pc vote. The controversial vote extending Assad's stranglehold on power was the second since the start of a decade-long civil conflict that has killed more than 388,000 people, displaced millions and battered the country's infrastructure.

Israel Palestine updates: Ceasefire agreed upon to end bloody 11-day war. Israeli bombing has damaged over 50 schools across the territory, according to advocacy group Save the Children, completely destroying at least six. While repairs are done, education will be disrupted for nearly 42,000 children.

Iran claims victory over US as UN arms embargo expires. Iran’s foreign ministry has declared the victory of “multilateralism, peace and security”, claiming the UN’s conventional arms embargo effectively expired on October 18, despite Washington's pressure to reimpose sanctions.


Oman welcomes Bahrain-Israel normalisation decision. Bahrain on Friday became the second Gulf country to normalise ties with Israel after the United Arab Emirates said they would do so a month ago, moves forged partly through shared fears of Iran.


US ‘will be IN TROUBLE’ if it makes ‘MISTAKE’ of interfering with Venezuela-bound tankers, Rouhani warns. The United States will face consequences if it takes action against Iranian tankers en route to Venezuela, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has vowed. It comes after the Venezuelan military said it would escort the ships to port.


Coronavirus: Yemen's healthcare system 'in effect collapsed'. Millions of Yemenis homeless; many are malnourished, and most of the population depends on aid.

Separatists announce self-rule in southern Yemen. Yemen's southern separatists have announced plans to establish a self-ruled administration in regions under their control in a move the country's internationally-backed government said would have "catastrophic consequences".

Saudi Arabia to take on billions in debt to survive the oil price crisis. Saudi Arabia may have to borrow as much as $58 billion this year to cover a budget shortfall caused by the oil price slump, Bloomberg reports, citing Finance Minister Mohammed al-Jadaan.

Saudi Arabia to abolish flogging - supreme court. Saudi Arabia is to abolish flogging as a form of punishment, according to a legal document seen by media outlets.

Arab parties unite to ‘bring down Netanyahu’ in Israel’s September elections Israel’s Arab political parties have formed an alliance to fight in the September elections.

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